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How to sell car to junkyard? 7 spectacular steps to make money!

Wondering how to sell car to junkyard? It’s understandable, it can be overwhelming, especially considering why you would be selling it.

It could be that you’re short on cash, it could be because it’s an eyesore and your friends and family would rather it removed from your property. Anyway, for whatever reason, you want it gone, but you may not know what to do.

If you’re trying to get the most for your junk car, we have amassed a step by step guide as to how to sell a used car in California.

Here’s how to sell your car to a junkyard:

1. Looking for How to Sell a Car to a Junkyard? Reputable Dealers Only!

It’s imperative that you find a licensed junkyard to deal with. There are numerous in the state of California. For you, this means that you find one that will be fair, offer great customer service, and has all the documents required in our state.

To do this, you’ll want to use Google to check out the variety of customer reviews. It doesn’t hurt to check the BBB and business registry websites to see if they are who they say that they are.

This also tells you about how they treat their customers, which will let you know who you can potentially trust.

2. Get Your Vehicle Information Ready

Once you’re ready, it pays to get all of your documents together before you start getting quotes for the vehicle. The prospective buyer will have questions about the make, model, year, condition, mileage, and whether or not you have the car title.

If you’re wondering how to sell car parts to a junkyard, understand that things like weight and the condition on the parts themselves may be worthwhile knowledge to the buyer.

While most people can answer almost all of these questions off the top of their heads, having all of your documentation will make the process run smoothly. It also ensures that you’re getting the best quote, and if you’re trying to get the most money – it’s a top priority.

3. Get Your Quote

Sure, your car may not run anymore, but virtually they’ll all buy it from you. There’s still some value in it as a whole or the sum of its parts. If you are to sell wrecked car, you’re still in luck.

As you know, a vehicle’s value depends on the model, year, and the condition that it’s in. There are other factors that may come into play, but those three are generally good to start with if you’re finding out how to sell a car to junkyard.

Furthermore, it always pays to do what you can to get as many quotes as possible. The rule of thumb is to aggregate at least three quotes before ultimately choosing one, as it’s generally not hard to type in “cash for junk cars near me“. You’ll be inundated with a myriad of selections.

Some may want to come and see the vehicle, some will give you a baseline on the phone. Depending on how comfortable you feel, choose the one that feels right. Sometimes it’s good to go with your gut.

4. Establish a Pickup Time

After a bit of considering, you’ll eventually be able to figure out who you want to have your car. Let’s face it, it’s probably the one that’s willing to give you the most money for the vehicle.

That’s completely fine. It’s usually how to sell a used car in California.

Whatever criteria you’ve determined for your auto, you can establish when you want them to get your vehicle. Don’t be afraid to choose a time that’s completely comfortable for you. Assure that they will not charge a towing fee. That’s generally a sign of someone who is willing to nickel and dime you for your vehicle.

In this industry, junkyards are always willing to come and get your car for free. If they mention that they’ll have to add a surcharge, pay their employees, or what have you – understand that you have something that they want. If they persist, don’t be afraid to move to the next qualified junkyard.

5. Complete the Paperwork

Depending on where you are, you’ll want to understand the local laws about selling your junk car. Most junkyards will have someone who is willing to handle the legal stuff for you, though it will behoove you to check in to see whether or not there is something that you should do to be in accordance with all state and local laws.

Fortunately, it’s not particularly hard for most to do, as many people have found when hunting how to sell car to junkyard.

6. Get Paid

Now, it’s the fun part!

This is where you get the money. If you’re selling to a dealer that’s worth their snuff, you’re only going to be paid the negotiated price. Any dealer that will want to alter the terms of the deal should be avoided at all costs.

While this isn’t an industry that has much of a problem with “bait and switch” tactics, understand that this is something that can happen in all industries. As such, spare yourself further awkwardness and choose someone else.

What’s more, only deal with those that are willing to pay cash. Don’t accept any kind of transfer, checks, or anything else. While they may not be unscrupulous, understand that most companies in this industry have the cash on hand to handle these types of transactions.

7. Contact the Insurance Company and/or DMV

You generally have to let the Department of Motor Vehicles for any trade, donation or sale of your vehicle. There are a number of ways of going about this if you’re successfully going to complete how to sell car to junkyard. You can go online, going into their offices, or calling them by phone.

All in all, if you follow these steps, you can sell all of your junk cars for cash. You may want to sell damaged car, or one that just doesn’t run, but you’ll still in shape to earn money.

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