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How to sell your home fast: top 10 tips and tricks

Selling a home can seem to be a daunting task to many. The timescale required for sale to happen depends on several factors, including the location, the economic situation, and demand for properties in the locality. One of the primary methods to sell your faster is through estate agents in your locality. Choosing Marylebone estate agents will be wise for properties to be sold in its proximity. Apart from this, there are several other ways that you can contribute as an owner in helping your property sell faster.

Give the best first impression.

If you have a garden or outside space, concentrate on making it attractive by keeping the lawn mowed, painting the fences, and remembering to put all the bins out of sight. Coming to the main door, it is best to freshly paint the front door to give a bright look to the house


Paint the compact rooms in light colours and a mirror to make them look big and lively. Replace peeling wallpapers and take care of mould or damp spots that could put off the potential buyers. Invest in new carpets to give the house a luxurious look and can make it look appealing for the quoted price

Give your kitchen a new look

Investing in few home improvements can drastically change the outlook of your house and can positively affect the asking price. The kitchen catches the eye of a potential buyer, and hence replacing worktops, repainting cupboards and replacing damaged tiles can work in your favour.

Tidy up your bathrooms

Pristine bathrooms will make your home a hot seller. Few prefer a bath over a shower and vice versa. If you cannot install a new shower cubicle, ensure that you install a shower over the bath so you can please all buyers.

Choose the right estate agent.

Choosing the right estate agent will make your job 50% done. Choose the estate agent with a proven track record like the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kay & Co estate agents in London. Ask for real-time experiences from your friends and family, and then choose the right estate agent for you.

Set up a home office

A dedicated home office set up in your home can be an attractive prospect, especially when so many people are working from home amidst the pandemic. By providing intelligent storage options and power supply for gadgets, you can positively impress the buyer.


With potential buyers going to walk in to view their future homes, make it a pleasant visit for them by keeping the house clean and decluttering to make space look bigger. Decluttering helps a lot, giving an overall facelift to your interiors. Put away the toys and organise your kids’ bedroom. Keep the hallways clear to give them a clean look.

Quote the right price

Pricing your property right will give you a positive outlook, and it becomes easier for potential buyers on making a decision. With the help of estate agents and comparing the selling prices of properties in your locality, you can rightly price your property.

Use social media and online listings.

With the help of good photographs of your property, you can stand out in the online listings. Ensure the photoshoot happens on a bright day so that there is ample natural lighting to make the property look more attractive.

Host an open house Hosting an open house will encourage more buyers to visit your property without having to visit with a prior appointment. This increases the chances for you to seal the deal sooner than expected. Implementing these tips and tricks, you can ease your efforts to sell your property quickly and without a drastic difference in the asking and selling price.

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