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How to start an essay writing business

Is it possible to create a highly profitable business without investments? How to earn 2 salaries per month, doing your favorite thing, to wake up not by the alarm clock, but by the biological clock? Such questions are often asked by students thinking about how to start a business. Very often, students do not have enough time to sit down and think out an effective business plan because they constantly need to worry about writing an essay and other works at the university. Fortunately, now students can make their life easier and just click the “write my essay” button to have it done. With the free time, you can think about business, and we will help you with this. In this article, you will find irreplaceable tips on how to start your own essay writing business.

Where to Start the Essay Writing Business?

Like any other serious business, essay writing business requires perseverance and diligence, utmost concentration. First, we recommend that you learn to properly speak and formulate your thoughts. You can start by writing poetry and prose, as well as writing materials in various periodicals.

How to Choose Promotion Tactics?

So, the essay writer has a choice: write a lot or write expensive. After the first 2-3 months of labor, mild depression comes. By definition, you cannot have a net loss, since working on the exchange does not require investments. In extreme cases, you can work “for free” if you fail to spend a proper amount of money on advertising or make other mistakes. Therefore, at least for half a year, an essay writer must forget about fame, prosperity and other delights of being, concentrating on work.

What Skills do Essay Writers Need?

The main quality is competence. Without good knowledge in specific areas of human activity, you cannot become a profitable essay writer.

How to Organize Working Hours?

The most important thing is to take exactly as many orders as you can complete. Consider force majeure circumstances, be prepared for any surprises. Orders should be arranged in order of priority. In the first place are regular customers who pay good money for work. In the second place are just expensive orders, as well as interesting projects. On the third – all other work. Of course, it is worth planning a day in the morning and outlining the circle of orders that must be completed on that particular day.

How to Deal with Difficulties?

The simplest thing is to rent a small office and work there. But this is an extra cost. In addition, it will automatically have to be legalized, and many essay writers do not have a stable income and paying taxes constantly is difficult for them. Therefore, you need to engage in self-discipline, train your spirit, and everything will work out. After the first year of work, you cease to pay attention to most of the temptations.

How to Organize a Workspace?

On the table should not be anything superfluous, only everything you need. Think about lighting: poor vision is not the best companion for your business. Good music must play, but its source should be located away from the table, and the volume should be reduced to a level at which it does not stand out from the surrounding background. Well and the most important thing is a comfortable chair, after sitting on which you will not have a backache. It needs to be selected for your parameters and regularly changed – once every 2-3 years.


Entrepreneurship on the Internet is developing. Students are increasingly asking for help in writing works, which means that there is demand. The advantage of working as an essay writer is a wide range of activities in which you can apply yourself. A minus for a beginner is a high level of competition. Essay Writing is a business idea without attachments. It only requires you to invest time and experience in writing texts. You can start by searching for offers on worksites, groups in social networks and thematic forums. To do this, you will need a portfolio, a computer and Internet access and nothing more, so do not waste time and start earning right now.

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