Re-branding a Corporate Image
A Kellogg's case study

Page 4: Advertising The Kellogg´s Brands

This was an example of sales promotion. Today, advertising and packaging are also key aspects of the marketing mix.

Kellogg's advertises using a whole range of media: in the press, on posters, radio and cinema, direct mail and, most recently, on the Internet. However, the main channel for its advertising is on television, where individual brands are given their own air time, aimed specifically at a target audience.

Although breakfast cereals are consumed by the whole population, individual products may be aimed at specific groups. For example, Special K is aimed towards women, Start has a sporty image and Frosties and Coco Pops are primarily aimed at children. Corn Flakes, by contrast, are aimed at the whole family. This targeting will determine the content of the advert and the time of broadcast.

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