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Marijuana the new approach

Marijuana has been accustomed to a lot of criticisms over the years, the stigma and impression people have whenever you mention marijuana was and somehow still is negative.

Due to research and studies though, the negative ideology people had of marijuana is gradually changing, as nowadays, the benefits of the use of this plant are hugely advertised. It is actually trending because of the kinds of illnesses this plant sets out to give solutions to… for example seizures, inflammation, pain, psychosis or mental disorders, nausea, depression and so on.

These illnesses are common with our generation; it comes as no surprise therefore as to how much the benefits of this plant lures interest from all over the world.

Propaganda on CBD and THC

Generally speaking this are two compounds found in the cannabis plant, the peculiarity of each is what has made people curious over the years. The THC according to research happens to be the compound in marijuana that is responsible for that “high” feeling and equally the mind-altering effect that comes with it… you could confidently say, this is the compound responsible for the bad reputation this plant has had and still has.

However, CBD or Cannabidiol, another compound found in the cannabis plant is actually that, which has more medicinal benefits and what’s made people more interested in it, is due to the fact that it is a natural plant/drug.

Several Products Claiming To Have The CBD Benefits

It is no secret that several retailers have come up with products claiming to have far reaching health benefits for those suffering from a range of illnesses.

They range from CBD oil; helpful for those in pain especially… amongst others, CBD water; it is sold in clear bottles that probably means the sensitive compound swiftly degrades, there are also products like Pills, Chewing gum, Transdermal patches, Passaries, Gin, Bear, and Lube.

Products are flooding into the market, there is more demand, and sellers are careful enough not to give any specific medical benefits for the products because of a lack of clinical evidence, reason why the products are now marketed as food supplements.

There Is A Reason For Everything Though

No one can confidently refute the medicinal value of the CBD, not even the British Government. Everyone has now had no choice but accept that the CBD is quite beneficial and this can be proven by some desperate situations wherein the Doctors were forced to prescribe Medicinal CBD products to some patients.

Media reports of such miraculous healings have made people much more aware of the health benefits this products come with. Most UK doctors are inspired by the case of Billy Caldwell and Alfie Dingley, whose epilepsy was improved immeasurably by medicinal cannabis containing both THC and CBD. Imagine being aware of the benefits of something, yet you can’t seem to access it… it could be very frustrating.

But then again, there are two reasons for which people desire to use cannabis, either for medicinal or for recreational purposes.

You may want to get “high” just to relax but you understandably scared of the mind-altering effects cannabis could have.

According to research though, it is now possible to consume CBD flowers without actually having to fear the far-reaching effects of the THC compound. Early research points out towards impressive anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive and even the antioxidant effects.

As such it is more widely accepted by regions that actively forbid THC and cannabis in general. Although THC is equally beneficial considering it can be therapeutic, but its psychoactive nature has made it very controversial in many countries around the world.

Cultivars of cannabis have now chosen to breed strains, which are high in CBD and next to no THC. This implies that cannabis users seeking the benefits of CBD buds without getting “high” can now smoke and vamp its flowers in the same manner as they would with high THC flowers.

The difference is that it is relatively safe to roll a joint of high CBD bud rather than high THC flowers. It explains therefore why the mentality and the stigma surrounding the consumption of cannabis be it for recreational or medicinal purposes has considerably changed.

The market is growing; consumers are more interested in getting the benefits of these products… like a CEO recently said I like Understanding Complicated Things And Rendering Them Comprehensible. Once you understand these new developments in the cannabis plant, it will be more than comprehensible.

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