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Online casinos and the tech world unite

For great industries to expand even more, uniting with another great industry is often a great opportunity. This is what has happened on a big scale recently within the online casino industry. Being online, a certain level of technical progress has always been needed. However, in the last couple of years, it has grown a lot.

Today it is many ways the online gambling that leads the technical advancements. VR, Virtual Reality, Casinos along with new online gambling games that challenge what is possible prove to us that this is the industry to bet at.

High-quality casino games in a tiny package

First of all, there is something that always will hold back on the development of this business. Casino websites need to be able to use even for players not having a perfect connection with a premium broadband speed. Therefore, the products made for casinos do not only need to look good – they also need to be as slim as possible. Depending on where you live, the broadband speed can vary a lot. And even though the service providers different levels of broadband width might be a way of getting a faster connection, in some places this is not an option. Due to this, all online games produced for gambling sites have one thing to primarily focus on: keeping the kilobytes at a minimum. The silver lining, however, is that much can today be done without breaking the kb barriers too much. Live streaming a dealer that you play card games and roulette with is just scratching the surface of what types of high-tech games that casino players in the UK can expect today.

Breaking down what technical features online casinos hold

There are plenty of features to mention when it comes to what online casino players in 2020 will be able to take advantage of. Already mentioned, live casinos, might be the most clear example of how far the advancements have come. A not a long time ago, being able to make bets live towards a dealer over webcam in another country would have been seen as a total impossibility. To say the least. Today, Evolution Gaming and NetEnt hand out tens and tens of live casino games to players all around the world. This perfect way of mixing real casinos with playing online has obviously become a great success and we are certain that we have only seen the beginning of it.

VR Casinos – The real future is already here

With live casinos already taking giant steps, integrating Virtual Reality to it does not seem too far fetched, does it? Today, the already launched VR games are only versions of classic slot games. We have, as an example, tried out Gonzo’s Quest in a VR environment. Even though this might appeal to some players, so far it hasn’t become such a hit as the developers were probably hoping. But it is here and it is growing. Integrating VR to live casinos, being able to walk around in a casino environment and sit down at a specific table of your choice will certainly change the way of online gambling forever. And, perhaps, ruin the revenues for land-based casinos.

The evolvement of slot games

Another huge change that has already taken place is what slot games look like today. We get to see more and more high-tech animations, long video sequences and multiple features. Long gone are the classic old slot machines with three reels decorated by sevens, clocks and aces. Best example of this might be Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, developed by world-wide known developer Betsoft Gaming. In this action-filled slot, you get an adventure never seen before in the casino world. This is where the two worlds, online gaming and online gambling, really meet. The possibility of making more and more compressed games and, at the same time, using players better broadband width, give the developers opportunities they have never seen before.

A great way for new casinos to compete

For players looking for new casino sites in the UK, the last couple of years have been a playground. Every month, several new brands are being launched. We are certain that we will see even more new casinos UK 2020 due to the constant demand for getting new casino bonuses and playing at websites that fulfil players wishes. And, this is also where the technical advancements play a big part. The continuously increasing number of new UK casinos sure is great for the players. However, for the casino websites, it results in more and more competitors. A way to compete is to offer a website that stands out with highly technical features. Competing with welcome bonuses, huge amounts of new free spins no deposit 2020, VIP Clubs etcetera is only possible to a certain extent. However, delivering a nice looking website that really appeals to players is harder for competitors to copycat. Therefore, we believe that we will see plenty of new casinos in the UK in 2020 that look better than ever.

The future of casino sites is already here

In the present time, we are constantly expecting more and more, and better and better. This is surely something that can be expected from the online casino industry. Maybe more than in most other markets. But, we have also understood that what we experience today is more than we could imagine only a couple of years ago. This is why we would say that the future is already here and if you are into gambling but haven’t tried out online casinos in the last couple of years, you will be blown away by the progress! Check for more updates in our blog that we update regularly.

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