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Payroll in Turkey | Azkan Group – Umbrella Company

How to Develop your Business in Turkey?

Many international companies seek expansion through the Turkish market. Conveniently situated at the crossroads between the East and the West, bursting with young, talented, competitive workers, and offering compelling tax incentives, the country is indeed quite attractive. Yet, for a large majority of businesses, some obstacles remain, all of which can be overcome if the right approach is applied. From setting up a company to handling recruitment or putting workers on the payroll in Turkey, foreign investors can turn to specialists to solve any issues they may face.

Choose the Right Legal Structure to Handle Recruitment and Payroll in Turkey

Opening a new entity in Turkey can be relatively straightforward, provided that you know exactly what you are doing. From selecting a suitable legal structure for your operations to drawing up all the compulsory documents, the task can be daunting for someone who does not master the Turkish language. The same goes for handling recruitment and payroll in Turkey. To comply with all legal requirements, you need the right type of contract, work permits for any foreign workers, and your HR and accounting teams should know all the ins and outs of recruitment in Turkey.

To avoid making any mistakes, you can turn to specialists. Azkan Group, for instance, offers legal advice to foreign investors wishing to establish a business in Turkey. They can also take care of all administrative matters for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

Consider Operating Without a Legal Structure in Place

Such umbrella companies provide a comprehensive service, substituting their own legal structure for their clients’. In practical terms, they handle recruitment and payroll in Turkey for you. They hire the best candidates for the task at hand and put them on their own payroll, so you don’t have to. Instead of dedicating time and resources to managing administrative tasks surrounding your Turkish employees, you get to take advantage of their expertise without worrying about paying their wages or dealing with paid leaves, social security matters, etc. You will receive invoices covering any cost related to your employees and the fee the payroll agency applies, making accounting a breeze.

Surround Yourself with the Best Associates

If you entrust professionals with your recruitment in Turkey, you will also find that it not only streamlines the process but allows you to unearth the best profiles Turkey has to offer. Thanks to their comprehensive listings and access to some of the most exclusive talent pools in the country, umbrella companies know how to headhunt the right associate to support the growth of your company. With their help, you can build your perfect dream team and conquer your new market with confidence. You may need one trustworthy consultant to serve as the liaison between your head office and your suppliers and manufacturers on site, or you may require several employees on the payroll in Turkey. Whatever the situation, going with an agency will make the experience smooth sailing. A payroll company will organise trial periods to ensure you are entirely satisfied with your new staff and handle matters swiftly and reliably if ever someone simply is not the right match for your organisation.

Test Things Out

With such a supportive presence always by your side, you will have the freedom and confidence to test out new ideas and to consider new ventures. Without having to concern yourself with HR and administrative issues or to handle your own payroll in Turkey, you can focus on optimising your approach. Azkan Group can even assist you with carrying out marketing studies,detecting new partners or furthering the intercultural knowledge of your existing team. Thanks to this system, recruitment in Turkey is greatly facilitated as these specialists have access to an immense talent pool from which they can draw the perfectcandidate for the position that needs to be filled

If you are looking to expand and to start doing business in Turkey, be sure not to venture into it alone and to take full advantage of services designed with the best interests of foreign investors in mind.

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