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Places To Rent In Williamsburg At Cheap Rates

Are you looking for a space in Williamsburg, New York? Then, you are looking at the right website. As you read ahead, learn the list of some cool places to stay on rent in this fashionable neighborhood with stunning views. 

Pay attention to the carefully curated list of cheap places to rent as per your wishes below:

1.203 Woodpoint Rd #1

It’s a studio apartment with one of the elementary schools nearby. The crime rate here is moderate. This studio apartment is only 2 blocks away from Graham Avenue L Train. This apartment has a normal space that easily fits the queen-size bed. 

The usual broker’s fee must be around 1 month’s rent amount. But verify the same the T&Cs for this apartment on verified sites for Williamsburg rooms for rent. 

 Note you won’t get permission for pets in this apartment. There is no parking, heating/cooling system preinstalled here. Also, you don’t get any laundry service in the rent amount as well. 

This apartment fulfills the basic need for the tenant to stay while moving into this neighborhood.

Move-in period: Start moving in from 1st August 2021.

Rent price: 1600/mo (average)

2.428 Lorimer St #1B

It’s a 750 sq. ft. 1 BHK apartment. You will find subways (JM & L) about 5 blocks away from this apartment. This apartment already has a bed and bathroom. It’s on the ground floor. So, it’s suitable for those people who don’t want to walk stairs. 

The large bedroom can fit in the queen-sized bed easily. The living room of this apartment is quite nice and spacious. The entire apartment is quite cozy for a single person or a couple looking for a cheap location in Williamsburg. 

Even the crime rate in this area is quite low compared to other divisions and streets of Williamsburg. Pets are not allowed in this particular apartment. 

Move-in period: Start moving in by the latest 31st July 2021.

Rent: 1775/mo (Average)

3.Metropolitan Ave #2 (red and blue room)

It’s a shared floor with a 600 sq. ft. carpet area. There are three rooms available for rent. The red room is 6 ’11” x 10’3” in size. Whereas, the blue room is 7’8” x 11’5” in size. There is AC and heating available on the entire floor. It’s a smoke-free zone. The mattress on the bed available in each room are smart ones for better sleep at night. 

You will also get a dishwasher, a smart lock technique for the privacy of your room, and a smart TV in the common room. You and your flatmates can chill in the spacious living room. Then, you can spend some alone time on the rooftop with its access. It’s the best place to have your friends or family over for a weekend private rooftop party. 

Monthly cleaning and utility services are mostly available or included in the room rent. The price stated below is suitable for people wanting to stay for 10+ months in the room. If you plan for a shorter visit, the rent will increase.

Rent: 1250/mo (average) for red room; 1300/mo (average) for blue room.

4.South 3rd St. #2R

There are three rooms available in this floored apartment. The blue and red rooms are about 98 sq. ft. in size. Whereas, the green one is about 100 sq. ft. in size. 

The aesthetics of this apartment at the heart of Williamsburg portray a cozy emotion. The furniture and flooring are bright and give you a happy mood. With this apartment, you get rooftop access, a laundry room on-site, and a smart entry/exit without using the key. 

You use a latch to enter your apartment. Otherwise, to enter the building, you have to pass through the smarter intercom system. So, there is a lesser chance of any mishaps like theft. 

Other utilities like dishwashers, smart TV in the living room, heating and AC units are available in the room rent. 

Note you have to stay at least 3+ months to get the rent amount discussed below for these rooms. You will also get a deposit fee for the rent you pay each month for security purposes. 

Take a 3D tour of the entire apartment by consulting the verified real estate helpers online for this neighborhood. 

Rent: 1375/mo (average) for green room; 1400/mo (average) for red or blue room. 

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