Developing a communications strategy
A Roche case study

Page 1: Introduction

This case study examines the way that a multi-product, multi-national company has developed an integrated Corporate Publicity Programme to improve communications both externally and internally. Sponsoring the Body Zone within the Millennium Dome has enabled Roche to build on its reputation as a major player in the British healthcare market, increase brand awareness, and move towards becoming a...
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Page 2: Developing a corporate publicity programme

Until recently, even though Roche was a major player in the UK healthcare market, it was not a household name. Its somewhat conservative approach to publicity affected its attitude towards the media. It reacted when faced with bad publicity, but rarely talked of its achievements. The company decided to take a more proactive approach. At the same time, it was invited to become a sponsor of the Body...
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Page 3: Planning the project

As with all projects, the first step was to establish clear objectives. Roche UK already had corporate communications objectives. These were to: raise the profile of Roche build the company’s reputation create a positive environment for growth of the business. Roche also laid out some clearly defined communication objectives for the Dome Project itself. These were to: generate and build...
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Page 4: A strategy for communication

Once these communications objectives were established, Roche had to develop a strategy to achieve them. The first step was to involve and generate enthusiasm among all its employees. There is limited integration between the various sites so the company established project teams that encouraged cross-divisional co-operation. Representatives on the project teams contributed different types of...
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Page 5: The benefits of the Dome project

Roche’s involvement in the Millennium Dome project has had numerous, and sometimes unexpected, benefits. Co-operation across divisions opened up lines of informal communication, which will prove useful in the future. For example, a visit to the Dome by all senior secretaries in the company enabled many of them to meet face-to-face for the first time. The workforce gained much better...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The involvement in the Millennium Dome project has been a public relations triumph for Roche. To communicate with the many different groups involved in the project, it had to examine all forms of formal and informal communication. For example, it was necessary to produce a corporate hospitality package and a media dossier about Roche’s activities to send to guests visiting the Dome. Many...
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