Job roles at Specsavers
A Specsavers case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Specsavers is one of the best known names in optical retailing in Britain. Optical retailing involves selling spectacles and other eye care products on the high street. In 2010 Specsavers was voted Britain”s most trusted optician for the eighth year in a row. Specsavers was founded in 1984 by Doug and Mary Perkins. They started the business in their spare bedroom on a table-tennis...
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Page 2: Organisational structure and ownership

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The business model Specsavers has adopted a unique partnership or joint venture approach. This is similar to a franchise model of ownership. Business owners contribute an initial sum of capital to buy into the Specsavers brand. They then become partners and trade under the Specsavers name. Owners are provided with products, training and other support from Head Office. There are typically two...
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Page 3: Roles within the organisation

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Job roles come with different levels of responsibility. These levels will be directly related to the individual person”s expertise and training. A job description describes the various activities associated with a particular job role. Skills and competencies A Specsavers store requires a wide mix of people with different skills and competencies. For example, within a Specsavers...
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Page 4: Professional roles

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In recruiting staff, Specsavers puts together a person specification. This sets out the skills required and the behaviours expected of various post holders. Job applicants can see what is expected of them in a specific role.  It also enables Specsavers to match candidates to the relevant qualifications and entry requirements for each job, as well as identifying their potential for career...
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Page 5: Retail and support roles

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There is a variety of retail roles in stores. Store Managers play an essential part in making sure that their stores meet business objectives and targets for customer service. Managers are also responsible for recruiting, motivating and developing the store team. They ensure that there are the right people, in the right place, at the right time to meet customer requirements. Training and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Specsavers is passionate about delivering outstanding patient care, combined with sound dispensing advice and product recommendations that best serve individual customer needs. In recruiting new staff, Specsavers seeks to identify people who share this passion and who want to work with customers across a variety of tasks. Specsavers operates as a partnership matching the central direction and...
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