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The Benefits of Annotating Images and Videos for Business

It is without a doubt that artificial intelligence and machine learning have brought revolutionary change in different industries all over the world. This has in turn made machines and applications way smarter than we could have ever imagined.

Have you ever tried to find out how machines are made to think and behave like human beings? It is trained data sets that create automated applications and machines. The data sets are created through data annotation. Through this process, the data sets are also trained.

The Benefits of Annotating Images and Videos for Business

What is data annotation? This is a technique of labelling data that is presented in different formats like video texts and images. This makes it able for the objects to be recognized by computer vision which trains the machine.

Different types of data annotation methods are used to create the data set that is needed for machine learning. They include;

  • Lines and splines – Used to recognize and detect lanes for autonomous vehicles to run.
  • Bounding boxes – Used to identify the location of an object using rectangular boxes.
  • Landmark and key-point – They use dots to identify an object and its shape on an image.
  • Semantics segmentation – Used in situations where the context of the environment is important.
  • 3D cuboids – It is similar to bounding boxes but it gives more information in the depth of an object.
  • Image and video annotations 

In this case, our focus is on image and video annotations and how they are beneficial to businesses.

Image and video annotation is a process of classifying or labelling an image using annotation tools, text, and sometimes both text and tools to show the features in the data that you want to be recognized.

Annotating an image or a video means you are adding metadata to the dataset.

The benefits of annotating images and videos for your business include; 

1. Objects Will Be Detected Easily

Video and image annotation captures frame-by-frame the object of interest and makes it recognizable to the machine.

The objects running on the screen are annotated using a special tool that is precise in detection by using machine learning algorithms. The machine learning algorithms base artificial intelligence models on training visual perception.

What this simply means is, when a video or image is displayed on a screen, it uses special tools to know what it is. It knows depending on what you had fed the program to recognize it as.

Think of it this way, if you give a child an egg and tell them it’s stone, the next time they see it they will call it a stone. If you tell him/her it is an egg, they will always identify it as an egg.

In that same way, if you tell the computer to identify something as a stone, if it sees something like that, it will recognize it as a stone.

2. Video Allows You to Track an Object

Artificial intelligence can use computer vision in video and image annotations to track something or someone. Let’s say you are an athletics coach; your business is in training athletes to run better and therefore perform better in competitions.

All you need to do is find a professional athlete. One who is the best in the game, talk to them and when they agree, look for a company that is offering data annotation services in your area. The company will come in and set things up during competitions.

They will track all the actions that the person will perform in the field and the machine will come up with different poses and you will notice things that the athlete does and how it influences the way they run. You can use this as teaching material in your classes.

3. Localization of the Object

This kind of annotation enables you to localize certain objects in a picture or a video. Of course, many objects will be identified if that is how your system works. You will be able to choose what is the main object and focus on that.

If your system only identifies one object, then you do not have to make it the main focus but it will be automatically detected and you will be able to locate it for all the time that it will be in focus.

4. Identifying a Person

From businesses such as stores, and private investigations to finding lost persons, Image and video annotation is a great addition to your business. Unique features from a picture of someone’s face or CCTV footage are fed into a program.

The system will run and the person will be identified. Sometimes if someone is lost, their details are fed into a system and all the cameras in that area can be checked to see if they have been captured anywhere.

5. Improve Product Listings

The Benefits of Annotating Images and Videos for Business

Image annotation is used by e-commerce businesses to improve product listings. They also help the customers find the right product when they search for an object using a picture. When someone uploads a picture in the search bar, the image most probably has more than one item.

The computer will then use AI to find out which is the main object and bring results that are based on that. This is all based on semantic segmentation through tagging various components. The components have to be within the reach of product titles and search queries.

The computer vision industry keeps on making new strides every day with training data evolving in ways that a few years ago could never be imagined. In computer vision, image and video annotation are very important.

This is why getting the annotation right is important. When annotation work is high-quality, the accuracy of identification will be enhanced. If it is not done properly, things will end up being wrongly identified.

Apart from business, image and video annotations are also used in other fields. They can also be used in deep learning, flying drones, traffic signals, robotics, and cyclists.

They are also used on self-driving cars that are on the road. In your bid to make your business more tech-savvy, you can look for something in this field that can help your business. 

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