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The broke investor how to invest with little to no money at all

You hear it all the time, invest your money. You have to spend money to make money. What if you don’t have any money to invest?

Do you want to know how to invest with little money? You have to start somewhere and that can mean starting by using loose change from your purchases.

Try one of these ideas to get you started on the investment path. Put your money to work for you.

Online Platforms: M1 Finance or Betterment

Both M1 Finance and Betterment are online platforms that you can use to get started with very little upfront cash.

Both programs allow you to transfer from your checking account investing small amounts to begin the investing process.

Betterment has you do an online questionnaire to evaluate your investing goals. They then use your deposits to help you get started based on what you hope to accomplish with the investments.

Like Betterment, M1 Finance allows you to invest small amounts of money to get started. One nice feature on this platform is the ability to buy a partial share. You may not have enough money to buy a share of Google stock for $618 per share. But your $200 could buy you approximately 30% of a share.

Stock Apps: Acorn and Stash

If you have limited funds for investing, it is likely you also have limited experience with investing in the stock market too. Try one of these apps that use an interesting approach to get you started.

With the Acorns app, you link you can invest with your debit card. Each time you make a purchase, the amount is rounded up to the next whole dollar amount. The rounded up amount gets deposited into your Acorn account.

The Acorn app invests it for you by putting your “loose change” to work. Investing small amounts of your money allows you to get started. There are minimal fees so it is an easy way to be a beginner on the stock market.

The Stash app works in a similarly. It works to teach you about the investing process and allows you to make some decisions about how your money gets invested.

Give Swing Trading a Try

Day traders on the stock market look to make a quick buck by buying and selling stock on the same day after it has had some quick growth.

Swing trading is similar but requires a little more patience. Those giving swing trading tips would say a few things to get you started.

You will need several thousand dollars to start, which is significant if you are just starting. Use the cookie jar approach to build the funds to get started. Start by putting $20 a week away, in only a year, you will have over $1,000.

Once you have the funds, the swing approach can really grow your funds if you are a patient and thoughtful investor.

How to Invest With Little Money

You know you want to find a way to make your money work for you. You can do this by starting with small amounts, even your change from purchases.

You can learn how to invest with little money and make your money grow for the future.

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