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This is the most powerful word you will ever use in business

Business in the 21st century has changed a lot. Internet and other means of communication have made the world a smaller and this has brought the customers and business closer than ever. Opportunities have grown to an exponential scale and many of the untapped sectors are opening a lot of possibilities for business. One of the mistakes that many business owners do is saying yes when they should have said no or when they should have at least considered the trajectory effect of saying yes to that deal or project.

The effects of saying YES

Some people tend to say yes due to the number of the following reasons. Understating under what circumstances we say yes or no will help to analyse whether we have to say yes or not.

  1. When we consider that we are the only person who can do that

This is one of the most complex things to understand as ties both feelings and practical realization. If there is an important task we naturally tend to say yes as we feel an obligation to do it. But, there could be a lot of people who are equipped with capabilities to do that job.

  1. When we miscalculate the resource and time it takes

When a proposal is done a clear and precise calculation of the time it will consume and the resources it will require has to be formulated. This helps in deciding the value of the project and ultimately in estimating the charges to complete it. This can be done by breaking down the crucial tasks of the job and comparing them with the industry standards.

  1. When we don’t want to show signs of lack of motivation and laziness

Some people have the thought that if they say no they appear lazy and unmotivated. This is not true and saying no to tasks that don’t suit your style and fuel your passion does is a good decision to make. It also means that you value yourself and your time in a great way.

Check if it the job is helping in achieving the long-term goal

This is where most of the people fail, they don’t check if the proposed project helps them to gain finance, skills, insights and so on to achieve the long-term goal. Taking up too many tasks that do not help the long-term goal will end up in being a big hurdle in the future.

Saying no could also be a good decision

Many people have the false belief that if they say yes to all the incoming tasks then the pace of their improvement will be high. This is not true, for improvement what truly matters is the quality of the work and the things that we learn from them.

Even if a business has a spectacular history and a series of accomplishments in the past, it is the decisions that are taken now will shape its future – comments Spinzwin casino which has a high reputation and is considered as one of the best sources to play online slots, mobile casino games and much more by casino players. Businesses are made up of people and it is nothing but the decisions of the people that change the course of the business.

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