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Top 5 case studies of successful business affairs in 2023

Top case studies of successful business
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Have you ever wondered what businesses are up to these days? Whether it be your favourite brand of shoe or a streaming service, every business has a case study that correlates with the statistics of their business affairs.

Some of these businesses have been successful in the world of social media, while others have been successful in marketing, or product management. Each company has a unique sense of how to build a business, and how to get its products to sell.

Let’s talk about the businesses that had quite a bit of success in 2018. These businesses are often different, but some of them have the same ideas statistically speaking. You may have heard of most of them, but it’s possible we’ve thrown an unknown one in the mix as well. Sit back and enjoy this list of 5 case studies of successful businesses from 2018.

1. Netflix

Ahh, Netflix. You really can’t go anywhere without hearing about this streaming service. Netflix is considered the forefather of streaming services, and it hasn’t stopped pushing the limit of what is possible in the world of television entertainment.

Not only is the service on the cheap side, but it’s also way less than cable and there are some other added benefits. From Netflix Originals to the purchase of Disney Movies, Netflix has almost monopolized the business of online screening. This service has over 125 million subscribers, and the number continues growing.

2. Polaroid

Who would have thought the instant camera business would be booming in 2018? If you didn’t know, Polaroid has been around for many years. But it seems that the excitement for the instant photo came back to stay.

If you are interested in the history of Polaroid, definitely check out this site, it’s packed full of information. The release of the new camera in 2017 sky-rocketed profits, it seems that the nostalgia effect has done wonders for Polaroids stats.

3. Adidas

The shoe company has a leg up on the video industry. Not only do they create really great performance footwear, but they also know how to make videos to use in marketing their products. Pulling at the heartstrings of consumers has given this company a boost.

In 2018, they even partnered with the social media platform Snapchat and were able to allow users to purchase shoes from the app. I’d say they are doing a really great job!

4. Academic Essay Writing Services

These types of websites are abundant, but some of them are more so than others. The fact that you can go online and purchase the help of academic writers to write your paper for school is lightyears above the rest of the internet.

There is something about term papers for sale that just sparks a fire under me. College is hard, if you’re not studying, you’re in class, or you’re doing homework. Why not take a break and let someone else do the work for you? That’s right, the business of custom term papers for sale is part of the new millennium, and it’s here to stay

5. Kellogg Company

On a completely different note, Kellogg’s showed how popular it could be in 2018. Recently, the company partnered with Amazon in order to increase sales and make its net worth triple the 14.8 billion it was in 2013 (The Kellogg’s Company Case Study).

The release of healthier cereals, ones that help your digestion, will also increase sales for the company. The interesting thing about Kellogg’s is their take on marketing. Mascots are an enormous part of the company’s business model, which appeals to children. Let’s just say, they know who their target audience is.

Whether you are a cereal junkie, a shoe lover, or you need help with your term paper, these companies have your back. Each one of these companies has had a huge boom in sales over the last year, and the prospects for each are climbing still.

It’s interesting to see the vast difference between the types of companies that are shining today. It shows that social media, marketing on the internet, and using tools that attract millennials is the best way to sell products.

We love a good case study, and these are the best ones we could find from 2018. There’s no doubt in mind that you have either used one of these companies products, or you will in the future.

So why don’t you kick up your Adidas trainers, throw a Netflix show on the television, grab a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal and take a picture with your Polaroid of your brand-new term paper that was written just for you?

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