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Top five online poker tools to improve your game

Online poker and live poker though follow the same gaming structure and rules, but they are completely different when it comes to players and table etiquettes. Online Poker Tools is the key aspect that makes online and offline poker different. Poker players can learn how to play poker strategically, make their game better and can keep tabs on their competitors by using different gaming tools.  Let us discuss the top five Poker Tools that can help you improve your game.

Table Scan Turbo

It is a lightweight tool with built-in table scanners. It scans your database and show you on which tables the weak players are sitting with whom you have played earlier as well. After scanning the database, it opens up those tables for you to select. Unlike other tools, TableScan doesn’t automate anything – it allows you to select your own seat which makes the tool less controversial.

Holdem Indicator

This is the best tool that a poker player can use to take advantage of the table scanners and table automations. It helps you to track your betting pattern, and also shows you when you bet incorrectly. As the details of other tables and other players are not displayed, so you get a better chance to improve your game.


As the name suggests, TiltBreaker, identifies when you are playing at tilt, and ends your session. This tool is perfect for amateur players who have just started to play online poker free and have little or no idea of the presets, buy-ins, stakes and player patterns.


This tool lets you calculate and note the tendencies and betting pattern of your opponents. It is less of a tool and more of a trainer. You get automated notes on your opponents that are displayed on your HUD – which help you make better decisions depending on the calculations.


Range construction, counting combinations, and player stats, Combonator does it all. This tool is best suitable for Hold’em players as it helps them improve their game by studying previous game stats and suggesting the betting style to follow.

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