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Top mobile game marketing strategies you must know

Most people now use their mobile phones to play games, rather than the traditional means of a PC or laptop. According to a recent report, mobile games will generate more than $68.5 billion in revenues in 2019 and 2.358 billion people will play games on mobile this year. If you’re a developer and aren’t marketing your game, you’re already on the losing side of the gaming market. Our marketing strategies will help you lay the foundations of a successful campaign and get your game the attention it deserves.

Make a promo video for the game

Most gamers are not interested in reading about your game or how to play it. If you make a short promo video of the game, you can convince thousands of mobile phone users to download and play it. The video must showcase the most interesting parts of your game and you can make it as thrilling as a movie trailer. Instead of making a long video, keep it short and interesting.

You should upload the promo video to YouTube channel of your game. Share the channel’s link on your game’s description page on the app store so that players can watch the video.

Content marketing

Blogging is a popular form of content marketing and most people are familiar with it. A fascinating blog can be a great way to attract people and share information about your game online. You can create intrigue about your game by writing interesting articles.

Like Chelsea palace, keep updating the blog with the changes made and how will they affect the game. Keep a regular schedule while implementing the marketing campaign. People will read your blog every week if they expect your posts to be published on a certain day.

Use social media

Millions of people across the globe use social media to connect with friends and most of them use it to have fun. Nowadays, every marketing campaign involves some sort of social media activity as it allows you to directly connect with potential users. There are several social media platforms you can use to promote your game.

You must start with the most popular channels, such as Facebook and Twitter and do some analysis to see which platform works best. Free tools like Buffer allows developers to manage their social media profiles and gives them the best analytics they need to identify the most profitable platform.

Get game reviews

Game reviews are a powerful form of marketing as they can reach users that you might not discover on your own. There are many sites available on the internet that can give you reviews. Some sites are trusted more while others are less popular. Trusted sites will help you to build more buzz around your game. Getting reviews on smaller sites can also help in grabbing the attention of bigger sites.

After getting some reviews, tell people about them. Share them on your social media profiles and you can also include your review rating on your app store pages.

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