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Every business organisation has a particular way of looking to achieve its business objectives. It also has its own ways of working. Culture refers to an organisation's key characteristics. It includes the shared beliefs and the written and unwritten policies and procedures that determine the ways in which the organisation and its people behave in order to solve business problems and meet business objectives.

It is possible to gain a feel for the culture of an organisation by looking around and talking to people who work for it. At the heart of Travis Perkins' culture is the assertion that quality of service is paramount. The company has good reason to take this view. Firms in the building industry work to tight deadlines. Jobs have to be finished on time. Any hold-ups due to supply delays are costly and annoying. They can be expensive; many contracts contain penalty clauses relating to delayed completion. A good reputation that takes years to establish can easily be damaged if you let your customers down.

Firms that buy materials from Travis Perkins want to pick up the right materials quickly so that they can proceed with their work. The Travis Perkins vision is to "deliver a professional, high quality service that keeps us ahead of our competitors in our customers' eyes". To achieve this vision and to turn this commitment towards customer service into practical actions, Travis Perkins has invested heavily in a process of training, development and performance monitoring.

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