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UK law firm specialized in eSports games

eSports – one of the most competitive video gaming platform that has taken both the sports as well as media industries by a massive storm. It is that industry that never seemed to have enough potential but now it is USD 1.1 billion worth business spanning all over the world.

eSports uses cutting-edge technologies and with the help of the innovative media and the complex framework it works on there is no doubt soon it will take over all the gigantic industry jargons and sideline them. There are of course certain rules and regulations the eSports industry have and hence there has to be a law firm at the backup for it.

eSports is regarded as one of the phenomenal sources of entertainment in the UK and hence there are numerous UK sites that provide crucial law enforcement services to those who are linked with eSports and the video gaming industry. The eSports businesses do require law services from experts who can handle their law-related concerns and help them out from any sort of tensions and legal issues.

The leading technological eSports businesses require law firms to advise their clients on the full spectrum of concerns and issues that arises within the capacity of eSports. There is always a need for advisory services to the stakeholders of the business related to games governing bodies, gaming publishers, leagues or events that are being organized, teaming concerns and sponsorships.

Legal Issues that Requires Law Firm Assistance in eSports World

There are several issues that demand attention and can never be resolved by persons who are laymen when it comes to law and its technicalities. There ought to be someone who can protect the rights of the eSports business and help them in managing the legal issues without harming the brand image by any chance. The issues include:

  • Sports governance that includes legal drafting of constitutional and regulatory documentation
  • Media rights and broadcasting license and preservation of rights
  • Online gambling
  • Event staging and the venue hire agreements
  • Anti-corruption and anti-doping solicitudes
  • Genuine advertising and sponsorships
  • Employment concerns that can directly affect the teams and professional gaming athletes
  • Reliable acquisition of sports properties
  • Age rating system and child welfare affairs
  • Trademark and IP related conflicts
  • Agreement amidst incorporations and shareholders
  • Brand ambassador and sponsorship arrangement and legal binding
  • Merchandizing, ticketing problems and hospitality
  • Licensed and patent content production
  • Player contract, their transfer and their service discharge
  • Coach and team manager contractual documents
  • Fighting the disputes and litigations
  • Complete privacy assurance with data protection
  • Brand reputation management and handling strikes against brand
  • Agreements with online streaming platforms
  • Employment conditions and immigrant workers


Law firms are at the forefront of any eSports business and they sit at the intersection of many core areas that include media and advertising management, technology, video games and gambling. Without them, the businesses cannot survive and suffice in the fast pacing eSports world.

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