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What Is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is the process of designing, creating, deploying and maintaining software for the needs of an organization.

Specialists in writing software are called software developers. It can be one person or IT development team. Every specialist is interested not only in writing a program, but in solving  difficult problems – how to satisfy consumer’s needs and help to establish the customer’s work processes.This approach is very important and the Joinsoft IT development agency always adheres to this strategy in their work. 

Why Do You Need Full Cycle Software Development Company?

You should order a full cycle of software IT development services if you:

  1. An entrepreneur who decided to increase sales.
  2. The company that decided to transfer services online.
  3. A large organization deciding to optimize its business strategy.
  4. Want to reduce the time of routine work (reports, control, content management).
  5. The company which requires the development or adaptation of applications for mobile platforms.
  6. A company that wants software – to attract qualified professionals to work on their projects.
  7. IT companies that want to standardize services for their customers according to the best practices of IT service management.

There can be hundreds of options, so define the problem you want to solve and the Joinsoft full stack development agency will work out a solution for you.

For example, for bookkeeping you need a convenient database, in any case, increasing sales and automating customer interactions cannot be imagined without a CRM system. CMS content management systems are used to fill corporate sites and blogs. And there are hundreds of similar examples where the development of high-quality and reliable software products is required. This is why people seek the IT services providers.

How To Contact Joinsoft Custom Software Development Agency?

  1. Click on Contact us.
  2. Fill out the form and the Joinsoft specialist will contact you.

What Do You Get After Work With Joinsoft Custom Soft Developers?

  1. Ready-made software with a document on the transfer of accumulated knowledge to users and other developers.
  2. Signing the NDA and transferring all intellectual property rights upon completion. 
  3. Testing – checking the program for compliance with all the requirements for it. 
  4. An individual approach to solving the problem.
  5. Full control of the project.
  6. Active communication – instant answers to inquiries and technical support even after the completion of the project.
  7. Guaranteed security of the customer’s property.

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