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What is One-Click Payment and How to Use

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Long gone are the days when in order to make a bank transfer to another individual it was necessary to make a long queue in the bank or in another physical location. Currently, thanks to the advancements brought upon by the Internet and other technologies, it is possible to do all kinds of transactions literally from the palm of our hands.

There are many platforms that offer these kinds of services. However, none of them is as reliable and as convenient as exactly®, which, as it will be discussed here, is simply the best option in the entire market for all kinds of transactions.

This platform offers lots of convenient features. However, one of the most highly appreciated by its users is one-click payments. On other platforms, it is necessary to write usernames, passwords, authentication codes and many other annoying things that significantly slow down payments. However, in the case of exactly®, this procedure has been greatly simplified.

Thanks to the One-click payments introduced by exactly®, users can make recurring payments by, as its name suggests, doing a single click or tap. Of course, this doesn’t compromise security in any way. All the information on the credit card used by the customer is stored in a completely secure manner. This platform makes use of world-class security standards that ensure that sensitive information about customers is never compromised.

Understanding why businesses need one-click payments

In every industry, different retailers compete fiercely in order to keep their customers. Currently, not only the quality of the products and services being offered is taken into account when deciding which store to purchase from. Buyers also take into consideration how their buying experience worked when deciding to use that same retailer again in the future.

Thanks to the features offered by exactly®, users will be able to greatly simplify and shorten the payment process. This will significantly improve the overall experience of a customer when purchasing from a specific store. As consequence, said customers will be far more likely to use that commerce again in the future. In other words, both the customer and the commerce win whenever a solution like the one offered by exactly® is implemented.

Explaining how one-click payments work in a few steps

Implementing a one-click payment system that both commerce and buyers can take advantage of has never been easier. In order to understand how these systems work from the customer’s point of view, this procedure will be broken down into a few, very simple steps:

  • the buyer sets up an account in the commerce where he or she intends to make a purchase;
  • the products are selected and the payment procedure is done;
  • if the buyer agrees, the credit card information will be stored securely; this is the only moment where the buyer will write the credit card information, as those details will be securely stored in the exactly® platform;
  • if at any moment in the future the buyer wishes to buy again in the same store, it will no longer be necessary to write the credit card information again.

Thanks to this process, the duration of the payment will be cut down from a few minutes to just a few seconds. This will also significantly increase customer loyalty.

Security aspects

Buyers may be worried about how their financial information is stored. However, the solution implemented by exactly® – Payment Service Provider fulfils some extremely high standards in terms of security. In other words, modern security protocols are used in order to ensure that this sensitive information about customers is never compromised.

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