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Why some casinos give bonuses for Cryptocurrency users

When it comes to online gambling, the use of cryptocurrency has many advantages as compared to using real currency. Firstly, it ensures that the players transact privately. There are no personal details that are left behind for unauthorized third parties to access and use against you.

If you value your personal security, use cryptocurrency when gambling online. As seen on Business Insider, the cryptocurrency is safe and there are no risks of your account being hacked.

Secondly, when you use cryptocurrency to gamble, the transaction costs are low. This is because there are no intermediaries involved as you either deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies from your online casino account.

Another advantage is the fast speed of the transactions. You only need authorization from the casino for the crypto to read your online wallet or casino account. The instant transaction means that you enjoy convenience.

Moreover, the transactions are secure. You are only asked to produce your user name and cryptocurrency wallet. If there is a casino that requests for more than that, do not deal with them as there are chances of being defrauded of your hard-earned money.

More importantly, most online casinos give bonuses to players who use cryptocurrencies when playing. What are the categories of bonuses that are given to the players?

·             Deposit bonus

This type of bonus is also called a welcome bonus. It is given to people who have deposited cryptocurrency into their online casino accounts for the first time. The essence of the bonus is to entice other players to sign up for an account and play at the gambling platform.

What is the cryptocurrency bonus given in this case? It is calculated based on a percentage of the cryptocurrency deposited for the first time. Other companies give a fixed value regardless of the amount deposited.

·             Withdrawable bonus

Very few companies offer this kind of bonus. In this case, you can withdraw the initial amount you deposited into your casino account. However, you are supposed to play with the bonus first before you can make any withdrawal.

·             Reload bonus

This is a cryptocurrency bonus that applies to all players. In simple terms, you are awarded a bonus whether you are depositing for the first time, or you are a regular depositor. This type of bonus is rare.

When you understand why casinos give bonuses to their users, it becomes easy for you to decide as to what company to join as a gambling enthusiast who uses cryptocurrency. What are these reasons?

To Make It Easy for People to Join the Casino

Some people do not have many cryptocurrencies. However, they may want to test how lucky they are with the little amount they have by gambling. Because you know that the amount you have is not enough to play many games, casinos give you bonuses so that you can find gambling as something that you can do even with a low cryptocurrency balance.

The welcome balance is a way of the casino showing the players that they are also risking. In rare cases, you can win the jackpot with the first amount you bet. The players feel that the casinos are giving them a free amount through this bonus, enabling them to play without risking a lot of funds.

According to Forbes, customers love freebies. This concept also applies to casinos, whereby players are more likely to go to companies that promise them huge bonus offers. Casinos give these incentives to cryptocurrency users so that they can join and play for long.

Ignition Casino is one of the increasing numbers of online casinos where you can gamble with cryptocurrency. Besides, the casino offers amazing bonuses to cryptocurrency users. You can read more about the company in this review.

Increases the Chances of People Going Back to the Casino

Blockchain, which is the main technology for cryptocurrency transactions, allows almost anyone to be a member of a casino. When you have an account at an online casino, you will want to play frequently. Your hope is that you can win huge amounts at the expense of the casino.

Many casinos are competing for available cryptocurrency customers. That means you can easily move to the next business and leave the current one in a bid to get another welcome cryptocurrency bonus from the next casino.

Casino bonuses are not designed equally; some are more fitting to certain budgets and more lucrative than others. With hundreds of casino companies available, the owners know that you can move on to the next company, which is a loss to them.

Therefore, these casinos give periodic lucrative bonuses to ensure that you continue being their member. According to Chron, the longer the customers remain loyal to a business, the more valuable they become to the enterprise.

Provided you continue placing bets on their platforms, you are bound to enjoy the bonuses these companies offer. In most cases, there are posts announcing the cryptocurrency bonuses you get when you play on the platform. Moreover, the information on the bonuses is sent to your email.

As a player, these periodic bonuses help you. For first-time players, you can use the bonus to play and learn the rules of the game. Moreover, you stand a chance to win big whenever you are the lucky one.

Cryptocurrency Bonuses Are Used as Marketing Tools

With the many available casinos, players are confused as to the one they should select. Therefore, casinos are trying hard to stand out among the others by offering bonuses to those using cryptocurrency and hence lure them into signing up and play. For instance, Slots.lv is a popular casino that accepts cryptocurrency, and this has made it stand out in the gambling industry.

Profits become less when players or bets are few. Hence more clients mean more money to the casino owners. This is good for their business model as no one gets into business without the drive to make profits.

According to The Balance, a way of increasing profits is to incentivize new customers to try a product with special deals. This is the same concept that casinos use when they offer bonuses to cryptocurrency users. The bonuses are meant to attract new clients hence more revenue for the casino.

Closing Remarks

Casinos give many bonuses to cryptocurrency users. Players can win more money when they use these bonuses properly. The bonuses present a win-win situation as the casinos also get more customers.

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