Creating value - brand management
A C&A case study

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Page 3: Strategic direction

Ca 5 Image 3The mission statement of an organisation is a generalised statement of its purpose. C&A’s mission statement is designed to declare the direction and long-term objectives of the organisation. It is the reason why it exists - 'to ensure a lifetime of quality fashions at greatest value, sold through attractive, easy to shop stores'.

The mission helps to emphasise the rationale behind all the changes taking place within the business, including its long term objectives which is how it intends to develop in the coming years. Business strategies are how C&A achieved its mission and this involved changing orientation and repositioning the business.

Repositioning the brand

Positioning is the marketing process by which brands or products are established in the minds of customers. It aims to satisfy their needs and expectations and helps to establish an advantage for C&A over its competitors. Positioning also makes sure that the ‘external world’ perceives C&A in a particular way. Repositioning for C&A involved changing:

  • from market to customer
  • from being to doing
  • from mass to focus
  • from product to service
  • from country to lifestyle
  • from awareness to preference
  • from price to value for money
  • from commodity to brand.

C&A’s positioning statement is reflect this change.

'C&A is your store because C&A is dedicated to offer you a carefully selected extensive range of up-to-date clothing styles which is:
• manufactured with care
• clearly and attractively presented in a friendly and fashionable atmosphere
• for the whole household
• sold at the best prices.'

The key tool for the repositioning process is that of brand management. C&A looked at the whole of its business through brand management. For C&A, brand management has been the cross-functional management of activities and processes that create a long-term relationship with customers to meet agreed customer requirements at the maximum profitability to the company. For example, this currently involves developing the whole business to move:

Ca 5 Diagram 3

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