The importance of cause related marketing
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

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Cadbury Schweppes 4 Image 4Launched in Australia in 1997 to great acclaim, Cadbury's Yowie is the first chocolate brand to combine an entertaining educational programme about the environment with a new concept in children's confectionery and new folklore for the children of Australia. In their first year, 31 million Yowie were sold, which represents two and a half Yowie for every man, woman and child in Australia. The Yowie are distant 'cousins' of some of the best-known but mythical Australian creatures. Each has its own environmental domain and distinct personality. There are six chocolate characters:

  • Rumble is the Redgum Yowie - he guards the plains and deserts
  • Ditty the Lillipilli Yowie looks after the flowers
  • Nap the Honeygum Yowie is keeper of the trees
  • Squish the Fiddlewood Yowie keeps the rivers clean
  • Boof the Bottlebrush Yowie loves the bugs and butterflies
  • Crag the Mangrove Yowie watches over the wetlands.

Yowie are more than a chocolate product - they are a total package. Each Yowie contains an easy-to-assemble model animal that is an exact replica of the creature found in the Australian bush, which children can collect and swap, including:

  • the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
  • the Bilby (a marsupial that looks a bit like a rabbit)
  • the Numbat (a little stripy creature that is one of the world's rarest animals)
  • the Western Swamp Tortoise
  • the Yellow Faced Whip Snake
  • the Bandy Bandy (a snake that gets its name from its black and white stripes)
  • the Koala Bear
  • the Dingo
  • the Platypus
  • the Green Tree Frog (one of Australia's best known frogs which climbs high in the tree tops where it shelters from the sun in tree hollows).

In addition, consumers can send away for a Yowie kingdom map for children to create their own Yowie world. There is a pack of games and information so they can find out more about Yowie and the environment and a best selling series of Yowie books brings each of the characters to life.

The Yowie is a product which serves to educate children about the environment and its value. The Yowie and its associated products, i.e. models of Australian wildlife, information packs, storybooks, CDs etc. are based on detailed research and have been written by some of Australia's leading educationalists and children's story writers. Yowie combine fun and enjoyment with a strong educational message about the environment and the natural heritage of Australia.

Australia is considered to be the cleanest western culture on earth - cleanest air, cleanest water, cleanest beaches, cleanest environment. Many Australians believe that in the future, Australia will become the most favoured country as a playground and holiday destination. It will therefore come to represent, in the eyes of millions of children, what nature, wildlife and conservation are all about. In creating the Yowie, Cadbury has recognised that the environment is an important issue with children today and has positioned Yowie as champions of the environment.

The Yowie has helped Cadbury to meet its marketing objectives of innovation, i.e. looking for new ways to add value to existing products, and to build on core brands like Cadbury's Dairy Milk.

Through its environmental theming and by combining the things children love best - chocolate, books and toys - Yowie are intended to educate children about the environment. The Yowie has provided Cadbury Australia with the opportunity to develop a new dimension in children's confectionery and cement its market leadership position.

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