Competing in a highly regulated environment
A Camelot case study

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Page 4: Some principles of good regulation

Camelot 7 Image 5Effective regulation is a fine balancing act between ensuring a climate in which competition and enterprise can flourish, and providing the necessary protection for consumers and the wider community.

When an industry is over regulated, there is less scope for that organisation to be innovative and to pass on the benefits of free competition to the consumer.
The Government’s Better Regulation Task Force has asserted that good regulation and its enforcement should meet the following principles:

  • Transparency – regulation being open so everyone can see what is going on.
  • Accountability – regulators accepting responsibility for their actions.
  • Consistency – regulators treating all organisations and every case in the same or broadly similar way.

Camelot sees itself as part of the gambling industry in general and in competition with all other ways in which people can ‘have a flutter’. Camelot feels that in recent years there has been some lack of consistency in how different parts of the gambling industry are regulated.

Camelot | Competing in a highly regulated environment