Using teamwork to build a better workplace
A Chartered Management Institute case study

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Page 5: Team working in practice

Every day CMI members across the UK are involved in team working and developing team performance. They use their management skills to contribute to running teams in order to meet objectives for their organisations. For example:

Karen works for the Salvation Army Housing Association. She feels that ‘Effective communication and the management of information between team members remains a constant challenge in order to identify and change processes to ensure efficient practice.

Kate works for London Southbank University. She supported the work of her team by introducing a system for dealing with e-mails. She says, ‘We were duplicating work, leaving e-mails unanswered or giving conflicting information to managers. The solution was to introduce a new system where all e-mails to our team go to one central mailbox. We flag the e-mails we are dealing with in our designated colour and send updates on any projects we are working on for the others to read. In this way nothing gets duplicated or missed out and everyone can easily see what everyone else is doing.

Dougie works for Williams Lea. He feels that ‘Passionate debate is a healthy trait for a team to have as it ensures all aspects of an issue or a solution are thoroughly discussed. However, disputes need to be managed otherwise they can be destructive. Disputes allow people to challenge each other’s point of view and allow the team to fully explore all options available to them.’

These CMI members have all learnt valuable and transferable skills to help them become more efficient managers. Through learning how to lead a team, CMI members develop their interpersonal skills to allow them to build positive relationships with team members and managers. These factors help build a supportive working environment which is likely to empower team members to be productive.

Chartered Management Institute | Using teamwork to build a better workplace