Innovation - the route to winning
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Page 3: Innovative people

Department Of Trade And Industry 2 Image 3Innovative organisations see all of their employees as a key resource. Such organisations provide every individual with an opportunity for training and continuous personal and professional development, and have a culture which enables all employees to make a contribution to the success of the company and to achieve personal fulfilment.

Innovative companies usually have a flat management structure: they are not bureaucratic and there are few management layers. Leaders who are enthusiastic champions of change are an essential component of a successful, innovative organisation. Such leaders are able to communicate their vision and their objective throughout the organisation - to “cascade it downwards”, so that everybody within the organisation expects change and welcomes it. Such leaders must be able to motivate all employees, take risks, be prepared to see others take risks and if necessary, fail. They create this innovative culture throughout the company.

Innovative organisations unlock the potential of people. This is called empowerment. People are empowered when they are encouraged to develop their skills and abilities fully and are given the level of responsibility which enables them to do so. Innovative companies provide training to enable their employees to develop new skills as well as improve on existing ones. Such organisations have often won “Investors in People” status - an award which recognises the importance they attach to the development of their main resource - their employees. Has your school or college achieved IIP status yet? Good communications are a vital element of an innovative organisation, both to share the vision and objectives, and to ensure that all employees have an opportunity to communicate their views. Communication has to be a two way process - both from the top down and from the bottom up. It is also vital so that the organisation is alive to the views and needs of its customers.

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