Re-engineering a business process
A Dr Martens case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Dr Martens 4 Image 1All organisations make plans which are designed to fulfil their business objectives. These plans will usually depend upon the nature of the operation, the capacity, the required level of customer service, the time period and the organisation’s hopes for the future.

The positive steps taken by Griggs to re-engineer its business processes, have enabled significant improvements in performance by reducing lead-time from in excess of 18 weeks to below 12 weeks over a six month period. Griggs has full control over work in progress and is able to provide feedback (such as progress of order to customers on a weekly basis). Griggs now has an accurate forecast of despatch date.

This case study shows that planning is an ongoing process of continuous improvement. Where changes take place, it is important to evaluate performance so that further modifications can be carried out where necessary. Over the last 12 months, production at Griggs has increased by a staggering 20.25%. With the new changes and systems in place, the company has forecasted an increased volume in excess of 40%, based on the 1995/6 figures, for 1997/8.

Dr Martens | Re-engineering a business process