The launch of a new Trust
A Family Assurance Friendly Society case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Family Assurance Friendly Society 3 Image 6Ethical investment is an area of business life which continues to expand. The first ethical unit trust, Stewardship, was launched by Friends Provident in 1984 and there are now over 40 ethical investment funds in the UK.

Some people are cynical about the development of such initiatives. They feel it is merely a new way for organisations to profit from jumping on a bandwagon. However, there can be no doubt that an increasing number of consumers want to invest ethically. Young people, in particular, are concerned about malpractice and exploitation around the globe. Many people feel that they need to do something practical and positive to encourage business in the direction of sound business ethics and practice. By placing investment with businesses that operate in an ethical way, investors are able to show a positive preference for this style of business practice.

Increasingly, market places are becoming consumer driven. Organisations failing to read the signals sent out by consumers will lose out. Organisations responding to consumers’ preferences will flourish. The Society’s Ethical Unit Trust will provide a sound, logical response to changing consumer preference. By teaming up with a range of leading charities, Family Assurance Friendly Society has made a sound decision which is both business-like and ethical. What do you think?

Family Assurance Friendly Society | The launch of a new Trust