Delivering the mission statement
A Foreign & Commonwealth Office case study

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Page 5: Measuring outcomes

For the FCO, it is essential for it to meet its performance targets. This means having the right people in the right place at the right time to put the strategies in place to achieve its goals and objectives.

Every year the FCO's autumn performance report illustrates how it has met its objectives and its Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets. These targets are set by central government.

The FCO uses the report to assess how it will make improvements for the following year. It also provides the UK public and government with a clear view about its performance and if it is making effective use of its government funding. This means that voters, politicians and other stakeholders can judge how well the FCO has fulfilled its mission of achieving a 'Better World, Better Britain'.

The FCO is going beyond its requirements of meeting government targets by winning awards for its work. Recent achievements include:

  • the 'Know Before You Go' campaign won the gold award for 'Best Consumer Promotion' in the Travel Industry Group awards. This supports FCO's work with British nationals on holiday
  • the FCO Press Office was awarded Press Office of the Year 2006 at the Foreign Press Awards. This was for their help in supporting foreign media.

Without the different backgrounds and skills of people the FCO employs, the targets and awards could not be achieved.


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