The business of re-invention
A Gardner Merchant case study

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Page 4: Customising services

Gardner Merchant 5 Image 2An organisation like Gardner Merchant must customise its services to serve the needs of customers. Its philosophy in business is to understand clearly the goals of every client and then to channel resources and expertise into a tailor-made service that meets the culture and the evolving needs of the organisation.

The relationship is one of partnership with everyone pulling in the same direction. Gardner Merchant agrees clear criteria for measuring performance and success to ensure the client is content with the partnership.

In industry, Gardner Merchant has customised its partnership with clients based around four distinct service offers:

  1. ‘Citation’ is recognised as the benchmark in corporate restaurants and hospitality
  2. ‘Ethos’ is the optimum combination of food, quality and cost control
  3. ‘Portfolio’ is an individually-tailored catering and support service
  4. ‘Directors’ Table’ serves the boardrooms and staff restaurants of many City and central London institutions and ‘blue chip’ companies.

Gardner Merchant | The business of re-invention