Workforce planning in the global oil and gas environment
A GE Oil & Gas case study

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Page 4: Roles and responsibilities

Inside every business, you can find different roles and responsibilities. Most often big projects are carried out by diverse cross functional teams typically led by a manager who is responsible for the team processes, performance and business results. The leadership team is responsible for making key strategic decisions for the entire organisation.

Ge Oil Gas 18 Image 26Demonstrating passion and commitment and delivering a standard of high performance, employees can grow inside the organisation to higher positions and level of responsibilities. GE Oil & Gas supports employees’ career paths through dedicated training and development opportunities. 24-year old trainee production engineer, Rhys Long, has experienced this benefit first-hand. Rhys graduated school with 11 GCSEs and 4 A levels providing the opportunity to accept an apprenticeship with GE Oil & Gas. After a year as a technician, his work ethic impressed his managers so much that he is now working towards an engineering degree facilitated by the company. His skill set includes problem solving and project management skills that he is now able to apply in a real-life situation. According to Rhys, the most rewarding part of his job is physically seeing the improvements he has made within the factory enhancing processes. Rhys says:

‘I take a lot of pride in the work I do, so it is always a reward to see somebody using something I have implemented.’

Rhys is seen as motivated, confident and a good communicator. He attributes these personal characteristics to his success in the role.

GE Oil & Gas | Workforce planning in the global oil and gas environment