New trains and tunnels for the Jubilee Line extension
A GEC Alsthom case study

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Page 3: Project management

Gec Alsthom 2 Image 3Traditional organisations are structured with a pyramidal hierarchy. Relationships with departments then follow functional, product or geographical boundaries. Formal communication is directed down through a chain of command. These traditionally structured organisations work well in stable environments. But, because they are rigid they are often unsuitable for dynamic environments characterised by project situations.

At Metro Cammell the Project Manager is the focal point for bringing together the combined corporate effort in pursuit of a single project objective. Since each project at some stage will require a variety of skills and resources, much of the actual work is performed by people and resources from many different functional areas. Metro Cammell does this by using a Project Manager, then developing a Project Team and supporting the Team with central essential services. The Project Manager and the Team take responsibility for integrating people from various functional and supporting services into the Project.

Throughout the project, its organisation is flexible. People from functional areas may come into the team and then move to another project as and when they have finished their role and are required elsewhere. While in the team they focus upon project goals and the delivery of technical requirements.

Having been awarded the Jubilee Line contract the Project Manager then presented a Project Programme. The programme specified project goals, work tasks, schedules and budgets. It was particularly important to map out the work to be completed and identify the longest activities. A computer was used to help with the process of project planning. Having set the plan in motion, the Project Manager would then ensure activities started on time and conformed to the project criteria of time, performance and cost and would take corrective action where required, particularly if conflicts occurred.

Design activities require the participation of all groups involved within the project, including any suppliers and subcontractors. During the design phase the Project Manager reviewed any design changes and determined their impact upon affected parties.

GEC Alsthom | New trains and tunnels for the Jubilee Line extension