Re-launching a product
A Heinz case study

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Page 3: Promotion

Heinz 6 Image 4In March 2000 Heinz launched a £10 million campaign involving:

  • radio and television advertising
  • posters and press
  • a dedicated internet site
  • sponsorship deals
  • promotions campaigns
  • public relations and sampling campaigns.

Each medium shared the same unifying theme: “Any Food Tastes Supreme With Heinz Salad Cream”. Posters, press, magazine and bus-side advertisements accompanied the television campaign.


A new advertising campaign was launched on national television in April 2000. Humorous advertisements were designed to illustrate how the young and ‘young at heart’ could turn dull food into a tasty treat.

The television campaign featured two humorous stories. The first one, known as “Pizza”, shows how Heinz Salad Cream can make any food taste supreme. A young man is surprised to find a slice of pizza stuck to his bedclothes and takes it into the kitchen to throw it away. But instead of throwing the pizza slice in the bin, he smothers it with Heinz Salad Cream and eats it.

In “Sandwich”, a woman is puzzled when she returns to the kitchen having been forced to answer the telephone that her partner has left to ring. The cucumber slices she had been using as part of a face-pack have disappeared. As the viewers have already seen, her mischievous partner had slipped the slices inside the sandwich that he is making, topped with lashings of Heinz Salad Cream.


Three new radio commercials were also created, again built around the idea that “Any Food Tastes Supreme With Heinz Salad Cream”. This claim was included in all the advertisements as a common, unifying catchphrase, in an attempt to get it to stay in the mind, through its rhyming simplicity.

Heinz took an unusual step for a grocery brand that of advertising on radio. Advertisements, using well known songs, playfully suggest that Salad Cream can make even the most unlikely meals e.g. pigeons, rats and ducks – taste good. This fun approach was, yet again, an attempt to illustrate the campaign’s unifying features of product versatility and its beneficial effects on “dull” food.


A full-screen cartoon style site, making full use of the latest technology was created for the campaign. The site is interactive, encouraging visitors to surf around, tell and share jokes, engage in games, download MP3 audio files, make and receive recipes and engage in quizzes.

Sampling and on-pack promotions

A nationwide Salad Cream sampling team went into action to remind people of the product’s taste. Free samples of everyday foods topped with Salad Cream helped reinforce the versatility of Salad Cream. Venues were chosen which were frequented by a 20 something audience e.g. Notting Hill Carnival, V 2000, T in the Park, Mardi Gras.

The idea of new repackaged Salad Cream bottles included some which would “scream” when opened, letting consumers know immediately that they had bought a prize-winning bottle, an attention grabbing device. Prizes of action holidays, days out and a 2 for 1 offer were chosen to appeal to a younger target market.

The Heinz Salad Cream Comedy Tour took the product on the road to raise its public profile. The 20 date nationwide tour enabled sampling amongst the audience as well as exposing them to a total brand experience. The tour was supported by radio and newspaper promotions which reached a large number of consumers.

Heinz | Re-launching a product