Using sponsorship to increase brand awareness
An Infiniti case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Infiniti 18 Image 4Increasing market share in global markets is not easy, especially in a competitive segment such as luxury cars. Infiniti, the luxury car maker, is embarking on an aggressive global growth strategy driven by new products, market expansion and a globally consistent brand image. Its innovative and challenging marketing strategy aims to improve awareness of the brand and highlight the superiority of its products.

Infiniti, originally set up in the United States in 1989 by its Japanese parent Nissan Motor Company, produces luxury performance cars, coupés, crossovers and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). Its brand promise is ‘Inspired Performance’. A brand promise represents the benefits and experiences that a consumer can expect from a particular brand. For Infiniti, the ethos of ‘modern Japanese luxury’ is at the heart of everything it does.

The luxury car market is highly competitive. As Infiniti is a relatively new entrant into this market it required an innovative and creative marketing strategy to create global awareness of the brand and its brand promise. International marketing is the process of identifying and anticipating customer wants and needs across different national markets and then demonstrating how these requirements are being met. For Infiniti, Formula One is a key element of this creative strategy to build global brand awareness.

Partnering with Red Bull Racing 

Infiniti 18 Image 1To achieve its global growth plans, Infiniti required a high visibility platform to showcase the brand to its new markets. A marketing platform is a mass communication tool that allows a business to increase brand awareness and thereby lead consumers to purchase its product. Partnering with Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel provided Infiniti with the brand exposure it required on a global scale. Formula 1 racing has a global audience and is the perfect showcase for high performance cars and technology. The fact that Sebastian Vettel, arguably the best driver in the world, wanted to help design a new luxury Infiniti model demonstrated the strength of the brand and its cars.

This case study illustrates how Infiniti formed its partnership with the Red Bull Racing F1 team to increase its global brand awareness, enter new markets and increase its market share in the luxury car market.

Infiniti | Using sponsorship to increase brand awareness