Using sponsorship to increase brand awareness
An Infiniti case study

Page 1: Introduction

Increasing market share in global markets is not easy, especially in a competitive segment such as luxury cars. Infiniti, the luxury car maker, is embarking on an aggressive global growth strategy driven by new products, market expansion and a globally consistent brand image. Its innovative and challenging marketing strategy aims to improve awareness of the brand and highlight the superiority of...
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Page 2: Marketing strategy

A strategy is a plan that enables an organisation to achieve its aims and objectives. For Infiniti, the key objectives of its marketing strategy are to improve brand awareness and increase share in new and existing markets. In terms of market expansion, Infiniti’s growth strategy focuses on countries where demand for luxury vehicles is high. For example China, Infiniti’s fastest...
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Page 3: The marketing mix

The marketing mix, often referred to as the 'four Ps’, is a means for organisations to combine the four key elements of product, price, place and promotion to achieve its business objectives. Every business is different. Each must decide on its own marketing mix that balances the four Ps to suit its products. The mix will depend on factors such as: competition the type of product the market...
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Page 4: Above-the-line promotion

Above-the-line promotion is paid-for advertising using a wide variety of mass media channels. These include: print adverts in magazines/newspapers (trade and consumer) TV, radio and cinema advertising online advertising and websites (Infiniti’s websites are tailored for each geographic market) billboards by roadsides, in airports and similar high visibility areas. This form of promotion...
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Page 5: Below-the-line promotion

Below-the-line promotion is a narrower, more targeted approach to communicating with consumers. These methods allow for more control and can be tailored to create deeper engagement with target audiences through specific initiatives. Examples of below-the-line promotion include: Public Relations Sponsorship Hospitality Merchandising Social Media (Facebook and YouTube). Infiniti uses a range of...
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Page 6: Conclusion

It is important for organisations to find the right balance for its marketing and communications mix. Integrating the elements of the mix is vitally important to ensure appropriate promotional activities are used to link the brand with target consumers’ interests. For Infiniti, the linkage to Red Bull Racing and brand ambassador, three times Formula One World Champion, Sebastian Vettel fit...
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