The Importance of Effective Communication in a Competitive Market
A Kellogg's case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

The communication process, though simple in its depiction of relevant stages, involves a Kelloggs 20 Kelloggs 34x3_Big City_02 2complex set of interactions between senders, receivers, channels and contexts to ensure messages are communicated effectively. Kellogg’s carried out research at every stage of the Origins campaign to help it evaluate how effective the campaign had been and to what extent communication barriers had affected the achievement of the goals set by the directors.

In respect of maintaining and increasing sales, feedback from its key supermarket purchasers was positive, with each of its top five stores experiencing sales growth, reflecting on effective promotion campaigns being undertaken. The response by parents’ blogs was also very positive, with 96% of respondents liking the factual content of the Origins campaign. This showed how the message, using relevant images and content for children and parents, helped them understand the message that Kellogg’s cereals are made from good inputs with minimal processing.

The pursuit of effective communication is something that can never be taken for granted, instead, it should be viewed as being a perpetual cycle involving assessment and evaluation. Encoding a clear message is only part of the process. Consideration of the best channels needs to be made, involving reflection on the aims of the communication, the intended audience, whether the receivers are internal or external and opportunities for giving and receiving feedback quickly. Any barriers to effective communication should also be considered, both before and after messages are sent, and necessary amendments made to continually improve the process. Kellogg’s, through its understanding of all of the key elements of the communications process and its flexibility in responding to feedback, showed how effective communication can help achieve its strategic targets.

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