Regeneration: meeting needs in a changing environment
A Land Securities Group case study

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Page 1: Company structure

Land Securities is split into three different business units, each meeting the particular requirements of its customer group. These units are:

  • Portfolio Management: This part of the company acts as a landlord and rents out property to customers e.g. office space in central London and retail space at the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds.
  • Development: This business unit manages the development of new sites and buildings or the re-development of existing buildings, which includes the company's major, long-term project at Kent Thameside.
  • Land Securities Trillium: This part of the company owns and manages buildings on behalf of customers who occupy them. It offers a full range of services including providing reception staff, maintaining the buildings and even changing the lightbulbs! Clients include the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), BBC and BT. This type of service allows the occupiers who are using the buildings to focus on their core skills while Land Securities provides support activities to ensure the buildings are fully functional. Land Securities Trillium manages over 7,400 properties for clients covering over 8 million square metres.

Each of these three business units is overseen by the Land Securities Group. The Group agrees the overall strategy of the business and develops the company's business plan. It agrees the funding requirements of each separate unit, approves individual projects and determines the Human Resources, Information Systems and communication policies for the business as a whole.

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