Regeneration: meeting needs in a changing environment
A Land Securities Group case study

Page 0: Introduction

Land Securities is the UK's largest property company by market capitalisation. It is a public limited company and is included in the FTSE 100. It owns approximately £8 billion of retail, office and industrial space in the UK. Its activities include developing property and renting it out to a range of different occupiers. The vision of the company is "to be recognised as the UK's leading...
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Page 1: Company structure

Land Securities is split into three different business units, each meeting the particular requirements of its customer group. These units are: Portfolio Management: This part of the company acts as a landlord and rents out property to customers e.g. office space in central London and retail space at the White Rose shopping centre in Leeds. Development: This business unit manages the...
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Page 2: Focus on development side of the business

The development business unit at Land Securities develops and re-develops sites that it rents out, either as a whole or in small units, to other businesses. Land Securities understands that land is a resource that has a limited supply but by developing and re-developing existing land it increases the amount of usable property available to meet its clients' needs and create financial returns to its...
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Page 3: Urban regeneration

Regeneration programmes are needed because of the decline of various industries such as coal and steel in parts of the UK. As factories and businesses have closed down this has led to fewer jobs and lower incomes. Declining prosperity has affected the quality of services available and has deterred other businesses from locating there - leading to a downward spiral. Eager to help these areas...
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Page 4: Conclusion

Land is an essential resource to organisations but to be useful it has to be in the right place and have the right facilities. Land Securities aims to accurately anticipate customer requirements and provide flexibility in terms of the extent to which it manages the property. The desire by the government to protect the countryside and improve the facilities and quality of life in certain city areas...
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