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A Lucent Technologies case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Lucent Technologies 4 Image 6By aligning Bell Labs’ research and technology (as well as technology obtained through acquisitions) more closely with the needs of its customers, Lucent Technologies has been able to bring networking technologies to the market faster than ever before. Lucent Technologies recently announced a doubling of net income and earnings per share, providing significantly more value for its stakeholders.

The company also announced:

  • An exclusive contract to build a wireless broadband data network.
  • The introduction of the WaveStar™ OLS 400G system delivering five times the capacity of today’s commercial fibre-optic systems.
  • The acquisition of Prominet, a leader in Ethernet intelligent networking.
  • The launch of WildWire™, a new digital subscriber line system.

Energised by Bell Labs’ research and development unit, Lucent has empowered its diverse and global workforce to take advantage of business opportunities and become a leader in serving its customers. The split from AT&T and the response to the challenges that this posed has enabled Lucent to grow parts of the business at record levels and strengthen the company for future growth.

The eleven newly-created, customer-focused businesses benefit from Bell Labs’ innovations and technological expertise. At the same time, the name Lucent Technologies provides a single face for customers externally so that today, Lucent is a group of responsive and flexible companies, tightly focused on customers and markets, facilitated through the demerger of an industrial giant.

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