Developing enterprise skills


Introduction In a world in which young people follow the National Curriculum and then prepare for examinations, it is easy to ignore some of the very special creative skills that they have. Sometimes these skills simply need unlocking. For them to be released there needs to be a purpose. This is something that gives young people the need to achieve as well as think and behave in a different way. One way of doing this is to bring ‘enterprise’ into the classroom. Enterprise in education There has been a lot of focus on enterprise in education in recent years. According to the Howard Davies Review (2002), enterprise capability is concerned with: ´the ability to handle uncertainty and respond positively to change, to create and implement new ideas and new ways of doing things, to make reasonable risk/reward assessments and act upon them in a variety of contexts, both personal and work´. Howard Davies emphasised that enterprise in schools involves creating a different learning environment where students take responsibility for their actions. This could involve an element of risk in order to solve problems. The Review also emphasised that learning about enterprise should involve a work-based context. This context is not…

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