Making the things that make communications work
A Lucent Technologies case study

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Page 3: The new business structure

Lucent Technologies 4 Image 3It was important to provide each of the newly-reorganised business units with direction.

In order to build Lucent Technologies into a customer-focused business, each of the newly-created businesses have been set up to serve different market segments. These include:

  • The Microelectronics Group which includes current microelectronics products, such as integrated circuits and optoelectronics, including lasers and laser receivers.
  • Business Communications Systems which builds voice-related products, such as call centres, Internet call centres, voicemail systems and telephone switchboards.
  • Data Networking Systems comprising voice and data communications.  This is the business that will create a single network to carry voice, video, computer data and Internet traffic.
  • Global Service Provider Business unifies Lucent’s customer interface to service provider customers around the world with the global marketing responsibility for Lucent’s largest customer segment. It includes management of Internet and wireless service providers and global commercial markets.
  • Wireless Networks Group includes the manufacturing, development and product marketing for wireless products, software and support services. A typical customer would be a mobile phone company.
  • Switching and Access Systems Group includes all manufacturing and development of switching and software products for the carrier market.
  • Optical Networking Group includes the manufacturing and development for fibre optics.
  • Network Products Group develops fibre products and power systems products.
  • Communications Software Group includes the development of applications software.
  • Intellectual Property Division manages Lucent’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property such as patents.
  • New Ventures Group continues to create new ventures and exploit new ideas from Bell Labs.

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