Building a business in Europe
A Marks and Spencer case study

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Page 2: Customer focus

The key to market development is market-orientation. Few organisations operate in a static environment. In a global marketplace, tastes, demographics and purchasing power are just a few of the constantly changing factors which influence the goods and services required. In the past, goods were relatively similar and there was an unsatisfied thirst for niche products. Successful organisations today have to monitor customer needs constantly.

Marks & Spencer operates in markets in which many retailers provide a wide variety of offerings for customers. As Marks & Spencer moved into these different marketplaces, the need to develop high-quality customer relationships similar to those in the UK, soon became apparent. It was vital to place the customer at the centre of developmental activities, ensuring that Marks & Spencer not only responded to different competitors and business conditions, but also remained focused on customers' current and future needs.

Marks and Spencer | Building a business in Europe