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Microsoft 5 Image 1The Digital Nervous System is not a separate product; you cannot buy it at your local computer supplier. In a human being, the biological nervous system controls all the basic systems - breathing, digestion, circulation - that make life possible. It also receives signals, transmits them to the brain and instantly triggers a response. In humans, the nervous system makes it possible to think and plan creatively and with foresight.

A digital nervous system performs the same functions in a business. It is a combination of hardware and software which enables the firm’s internal processes to operate smoothly and quickly, which means it can respond rapidly to any change in the business environment.

The digital nervous system will fundamentally change the way businesses operate, bringing knowledge management to the fore and enabling the companies to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by e-commerce. Companies of all sizes are building e-commerce solutions with the help of Microsoft and its partners, a network of firms which operate in close partnership, providing hardware and service.

To appreciate the impact of e-commerce on a business fully, it is necessary to consider some real case studies. E-commerce solutions are typically introduced in stages, but usually beginning in one of four areas:

  • Direct marketing and selling over the Internet
  • Managing a company’s purchasing
  • The rationalisation of a firm’s supply chain
  • The world of financial services.

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