Matching people with technology to create a global strategy
A Morgan Stanley case study

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Morgan Stanley is one of the best-known names in financial services. As a global bank, it provides investment banking advice on mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring and privatisations. It is a major underwriter of stocks and bonds and provides research, sales and trading services in almost every type of financial instrument. Morgan Stanley also manages private partnerships that invest in venture capital, property and other private equity opportunities. Besides managing a range of financial assets, it provides other related products and financial services, including credit cards.

As global markets become tightly linked by technology, Morgan Stanley has expanded around the world in its drive to meet the expectations of global clients. A substantial part of its business is outside the USA, and Morgan Stanley has now become a market leader in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

Morgan Stanley's clients have increasingly looked for more than just financial products and services, and their needs are becoming more diverse anddemanding. To meet this challenge, Morgan Stanley has over 700 offices in 28 countries and a workforce of 57,000 people who between them represent 120 nationalities and speak 90 different languages. Whatever their business area, these people focus upon creating customer-tailored solutions that help Morgan Stanley's clients to convert new business and financial opportunities into reality.

Morgan Stanley | Matching people with technology to create a global strategy


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