Managing change through training and development
A Network Rail case study

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Page 2: HR Strategy

Network Rail 17 Image 1Network Rail invests in people and, in so doing, invests in its future. It is one of Britain’s biggest employers, with 35,000 employees. There is a broad range of roles, from maintenance and signalling engineers to project managers. There are opportunities in all functional areas. These include specialists in human resources (HR), information technology (IT), finance and customer service.

To achieve its work programme Network Rail needs to recruit and retain talented engineers. Its engineers are currently working on some of the most exciting projects in Europe. These include HS2, the new high-speed rail link between the north and south of Britain, and the London Crossrail project. There are also major upgrades to some of the country’s biggest and busiest stations, like London King’s Cross and Birmingham New Street.


Network Rail 17 Image 10Network Rail’s vision is to improve the rail network by providing faster and more reliable journeys. Network Rail’s HR strategy focus is on recruiting a diverse workforce. This not only gives depth to the culture of the business but also ensures that it can access the widest pool of talent.

To make sure it has a continuous stream of the right talent to keep its long-term projects on-track, it offers training to suit all applicants, whether school leavers or graduates, male or female. The company also offers a range of opportunities for employees to acquire recognised qualifications, including a unique postgraduate programme, sponsoring a Master’s degree in project management, and apprenticeships.

In addition, it provides development opportunities for employees to make sure that their knowledge and skills meet its world-class standards. Many of Network Rail’s current senior engineers and managers started their careers through these programmes.

Network Rail | Managing change through training and development