Teaching youth to build businesses
A NFTE-UK case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

NFTE is not just about helping young people set up their own businesses. It also helps them to stand on their own feet, and become more productive and responsible in general society. It enables young people to take a more realistic view of the challenges they face in life and to develop the skills they need to succeed.

The programme's directors argue that entrepreneurism teaches young people something valuable about opportunity, making your own luck, building self-esteem and understanding the real world. For example, girls starting a NFTE course asked to estimate the cost over one year of having a baby, guessed about $150. Upon completion their estimates were more realistic, nearer $6,000.

NFTE enables young people to develop the skills and understanding to make a success of their lives. At eighteen, Omayra Rodriguez Matthews had a one-year old son, Peter. Omayra set up a business called Peter's Party Favours making Latin American party gifts, called capias, table centrepieces and refrigerator magnets. Omayra joined the entrepreneurship course and learned how to turn a hobby and passion into a moneymaking venture.

Another NFTE participant, Byron Bennett, set up ‘Room Mates Central’. This Internet-based service brings together young people in New York City who are seeking room mates. The Internet site (www.roommatescentral.com) provides a state-of-the-art service. To create his business, Byron carried out detailed business planning to establish the size of his market, how to raise finance and the projected profit. Byron quickly learnt that there is no substitute for serious planning to turn an exciting proposition into a successful business.

Another young ‘graduate’ of NFTE sums up the philosophy of the venture when she states: ‘I do not want to die in poverty; I want poverty to die in me.’

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