Building a global telecommunications business
A Nokia case study

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Page 5: Using values to drive business

Nokia 4 Image 5At the heart of any successful organisation is a value system that drives the organisation forward. As an international company, Nokia needs to recognise and value the diversity of its individual employees and its operating units. However, it also needs to generate a shared vision within the Group.

The Nokia values, common to all its divisions whatever the country, are those of:

  • Customer satisfaction - Nokia is a market driven company which sets out to identify, anticipate and satisfy customer requirements.
  • Respect for the individual - This is based on open and honest communications between members of the organisation, fair treatment at all times, mutual trust, the ability to depend on each other and accept diversity. Nokia employees are expected to be able to make decisions for themselves and work together as a team. In 1997, Nokia employed more than 36,000 people from all nationalities, ethnic groups, ages, sexes and backgrounds. Nokia continues to cherish this diversity and views it as a core strength in helping to generate a variety of local and global solutions.
  • Achievement - Nokia places a strong emphasis on the achievements of the organisation and the individuals within it. This emphasis is based on creating a shared vision of how the organisation can become the global leader in telecommunications. By empowering its employees - encouraging them to take responsibility for their own actions - Nokia has created a workforce that fights to win rather than sitting back and letting others do the work.
  • Continuous learning - Rapid decision-making and flexible use of resources are critical in the dynamic field of telecommunications. Nokia sees itself as a learning organisation - it does not rest on its existing strengths but seeks to add to them, encouraging employees to take on more responsibilities and acquire new knowledge and skills. This world-wide network of knowledge and expertise is at the disposal of all the members of the Nokia team and is ultimately available to provide complete customer satisfaction.

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