Competing in the global marketplace
An Overseas Trade Services case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Overseas Trade Services 3 Image 1The Overseas Trade Services (OTS) network is a partnership between the major Government departments involved in exporting and promoting British industry abroad. The key partners are: the Department of Trade and Industry, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Scottish Trade International, the Welsh Office Industry Department, the Industrial Development Board of Northern Ireland and the Business Links established throughout England. The aim of the Overseas Trade Services is to help UK firms compete successfully overseas.

OTS services can help exporters make the most of their business opportunities in around 130 countries. Of these, the top 80 export markets are where most of our resources are concentrated. The services are available to UK manufacturers of goods or providers of services, and to other UK companies whose exporting will clearly benefit the UK:

  • Dedicated market support in the UK including advice and information services for initial market research.
  • Professional help from Export Promoters who are experienced exporters in their own right, seconded to the DTI from industry.
  • Information on individual methods of doing business in the country concerned, including details of opportunities and promotional activities.
  • Help with meeting language and cultural requirements. Help too with bringing key contacts to the UK.
  • Help with marketing a UK company overseas including grants for visiting, marketing research and exhibiting. Support too for companies pursuing major projects.
  • Services for research tailored to a company’s needs provided by the FCO Diplomatic posts. Posts can also provide on the ground help when that company visits the market. This can include business briefings and local promotional support.
  • Overseas Trade Services 3 Image 2Access to the Export Market Information Centre at the DTI. This library holds an extensive range of publications and statistics relating to businesses worldwide. It may be accessed in person, by telephone, fax or e-mail.
  • Provision of a wide range of publications on individual countries and sectors designed to help companies build up a picture of overseas markets. A full list of these publications are given in the OTS Export Publications catalogue.

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