Investing in training to safeguard the future
A Polestar Group case study

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Page 1: Training and innovation

The Group aims to be Europe's most innovative, profitable and customer focused printing company. It is constantly looking for ways to enhance its service to its customers through better products, new approaches and innovative techniques. Progress in these areas relies on skilled staff using hi-tech digital equipment. Polestar recognises that it needs a well informed and highly trained workforce to be the best in the industry.

Most employees will benefit from a variety of training opportunities during their working lives. Some training is completed on the job, e.g. to learn how to use the latest machinery or how to mix inks. Staff are also trained off the job. This is more suitable for activities when learning about health and safety, the latest management techniques or taking part in team building activities.

Polestar's employees experience training at work in a variety of forms. These include:

  • induction training - when new employees learn about their roles and responsibilities
  • training in new ways of working, technology and software
  • multi skilling - employees are trained to do several different inter-related jobs so their days are more varied and rewarding, and they can become more flexible within their sites
  • learning management, organisational and leadership skills - developing skills through a wide range of personal enhancement programmes promotes greater job satisfaction and improves staff retention.

Printing is a highly competitive industry, in terms of both quality and price. A company that wishes to retain or increase its market share must deliver to the highest possible standards. Skilled print workers are in short supply, and the average age of the workforce is high.

Polestar works hard to retain its specialist skilled staff and to attract new employees who are capable of supporting innovation. The Group engages high calibre people by offering them job satisfaction and security through training, personal development and support programmes which lead to a fulfilling career in the world of printing. Its new training package 'Printdynamics' is an excellent example of such innovation.

Polestar Group | Investing in training to safeguard the future