Improving success by developing a Values Based Performance Culture
A Portakabin case study

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Page 1: Introduction

Portakabin 19 1Portakabin Group is a business to business company. It provides modular buildings to meet clients’ needs. Modular building involves putting complete buildings together from factory built modules. These modules are made off site, then transported and put together where they are needed. This is quicker and cheaper than traditional building methods. It is also more flexible. For instance, it allows for extra rooms or sections to be added later. Clients can also choose to either hire or buy the buildings. Portakabin has operated for more than 50 years. It has produced more than 50 million square feet of buildings in that time. These include offices, classrooms, nursery schools, doctor’s surgeries, hospital wards and whole factories, call centres and laboratories. It now employs 1600 people in 7 countries.

Portakabin has successfully responded to market change. Clients wanted buildings that could not only be put up quickly, but were also more flexible to respond to changing needs. Portakabin prides itself on its customer service, with 99.7% of buildings delivered on time and on budget. It is so confident of its ability to deliver that it is the only modular building supplier to promise that if it fails to meet the contract start date for a hired building, it will give a week's free hire. It also promises to refund 1% of the contract value for every week it is late delivering a bought building.(Up to a value of £5,000 per week and a maximum of 5 weeks. Other terms & conditions apply. A copy is available on request.)

Portakabin handles the whole process from making planning applications and arranging groundworks to fitting out the building with furniture and putting in services such
as heating and alarm systems.

Portakabin has developed a human resources (HR) approach which drives improvement through developing the talents and potential of existing employees as well as a focus on recruiting the best.

Its aims are not just for business success, but for this success to be driven by engaged employees, community engagement, sustainability and service excellence. The HR business partnering approach develops relationships of mutual trust and creates a common vision across the business.

Portakabin | Improving success by developing a Values Based Performance Culture